Hamish Pearch, Thames Mud, 09/09 - 21/11
Please join on 
Thursday 09/09 from 
17:00 onwards. Presented within the frame of Brussels Gallery Weekend and realized with the generous support of Sans titre (2016), Paris. 

Julie Peeters & Elena Narbutaitė, BILL, 15/08 - 05/09
Please join on 
Sunday 15/08, 
16:00 - 22:00
a Sunday with BILL 
Prosecco BAR 
a special glass edition
. BAR hosted by Sophie Keij.

Trevor Yeung, night mushroom colon (front),  29/06 - 08/08
Please join on Tuesday 29/06 from 20:00 onwards. At 20:30 Bryana Fritz and Sam Comerford join with one text and one song.

front presents work behind a single sheet of glass. 24/7, accessible to all. Initiated and conceived by Tom Engels.

Antoine Dansaert 194, B-1000 Brussels